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Anti-Hairball is a product containing the optimal combination of dietary fibers, supporting the intestinal passage and preventing the formation of hair balls in the cat’s digestive tract.

The substances contained in the Anti-Hairball perform a number of functions:

Inulin – a natural prebiotic. It improves the work of digestive tract of an animal, stimulates positive microflora, supports the immune system, regulates defecation, reduces toxic metabolites and reduces the number of hair balls.

Psyllium fiber – helps to improve intestinal passage, removes constipation, binds toxins, increases satiety and facilitates the regular removal of swallowed hair.

Oat fiber – a source of beta-glucan that supports the proper functioning of the immune system. Increases intestinal peristalsis, facilitates the formation of fecal masses and excretion of residual hair.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids – essential, unsaturated fatty acids that the animal’s body cannot produce by itself. They effectively prevent many skin problems and perfectly affect the healthy appearance of the coat.

Taurine – an essential amino acid for cats that their body does not produce. It is a strong antioxidant and is responsible for the proper functioning of the heart and vision. Its deficiency causes a significant deterioration of skin and fur.

Antioxidants (vitamins A and E) – affect the good condition of the skin, prevent drying, improve elasticity and neutralize free radicals.


  • gastrointestinal disorders caused by the formation of hair balls,
  • limiting the formation of hair balls,
  • constipation, problems with defecation.


SKU: X/VF/117

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