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BB & Recovery Balance is a product based on the highest quality poultry protein, characterized by biological value BV = 56% and true digestibility TD = 100%. One flat scoop of the product contains 11 g of protein, which corresponds to approx. 42 g of base feed.

BB & Recovery Balance is distinguished by a unique recipe:

AminoMatrix is ​​a composition of branched chain amino acids, glycine, glutamine and arginine, which effectively supports the recovery process.

PowerBlend is a composition of nutrients widely recognized as accelerating the recovery of body condition.

RecoveryMix is ​​a composition of substances that inhibit the breakdown of skeletal muscle proteins (HMB), antioxidants (alpha-lipoic acid), stimulate immunity (beta-glucan) and a significant amount of hydrolyzated poultry protein.

JointFormula is a composition of ingredients with a well-known joint support effect and is particularly recommended to support the proper nutrition of animals after procedures or injuries associated with immobilization.

VitaminComplex and MineralComplex provide the animal during the recovery period with all necessary vitamins and minerals.

EnzymeShot contains digestive enzymes that support the digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the digestive tract.

BB & Recovery Balance works comprehensively in recovering patients and provides:

  • rapid reconstruction of skeletal muscles,
  • inhibition of protein breakdown processes,
  • improving condition and restoration of full physical fitness,
  • stimulation of immunity,
  • supporting digestion in the digestive tract,
  • joint protection


  • convalescence,
  • supplementing the diet after injuries,
  • supplementing the diet during the recovery period after surgery, chemotherapy,
  • muscle mass reconstruction,
  • exhaustion.

BB&Recovery Balance

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