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DermActiv Shampoo is a veterinary dermocosmetic for dogs and cats with tendencies to skin inflammations caused by bacteria and fungi. Those inflammations are usually consequences of hypersensitivity and hormone dependent dermatoses. Ingredients contained in the shampoo indicate properties of purifying and cleansing skin and coat and maintaining the correct pH. The product has very good washing properties, promotes the removal of pathogenic microorganisms from the surface of the skin and supports the proper restoration of the lipid layer. The active ingredients in the product nourish the skin and improve the restoration of good quality coat.

Chlorhexidine concentration of 3% – inhibits the growth of Gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and fungi including yeasts.

Coconut oil – stimulates hair growth, nourishes and moisturizes, effectively supports the rebuilding of the lipid barrier

Allantoin – intensively moisturizes, soothes irritations, regenerates, softens the epidermis, decreases the symptoms of skin peeling, stimulates granulation and creates epidermis

Panthenol provitamin B5 – soothes irritations, gives coat its natural shine, accelerates regeneration, supports healing, reduces pruritus, maintains correct hydration of the epidermis


• atopic dermatitis (AD),

• bacterial or yeast infections,

• external allergies,

• pruritus,

• hormone-dependent dermatoses

DermActiv Shampoo


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