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Immunactiv MAX is a natural immunity support product containing polysaccharide derived from the yeast cell walls of Saccharomyces cerevisiae – beta-glucan (1,3 / 1,6).

The product supports the functioning of the body in the event of a decrease in immunity, during convalescence, in weakened individuals, in the elderly and in animals exposed to stress.

Immunactiv MAX is the highest portion of yeast extract (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) – 120 mg in 1 capsule. The product does not contain dyes, does not contain allergens, easily dissolves in water.

The beneficial effect of beta-glucan (1,3 / 1,6) is to stimulate the activity of the immune cells that are responsible, among others, for the elimination of microorganisms that cause infections. Dietary supplementation of beta-glucan (1,3 / 1,6) affects the increased efficiency of the immune system and, as a consequence, better condition of the whole body.


  • weakening of the immune system,
  • convalescence,
  • low level of stress resistance,
  • pregnancy, lactation,
  • dietary supplement in geriatric animals.

Immunactiv MAX

SKU: X/VF/158

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