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Premium NTS Immunactiv is a product created to support nutrition in animals after cancer.

Premium NTS Immunactiv ingredients, selected using the latest scientific research, have a positive effect on the condition and well-being of animals devastated by severe disease. The product is recommended as support for animals requiring palliative care during the disease, before and after treatments to improve animal welfare. It can supplement the diet of geriatric animals or individuals predisposed to cancer.

Premium NTS Immunactiv contains:

  • arginine and glutamine – amino acids that help limit the growth of cancerous tumors and ensure the proper functioning of the immune system,
  • HMB and BCAA – ensuring adequate protection of muscle proteins against their breakdown,
  • omega-3 fatty acids, whose derivatives have a beneficial effect on cachexia-inhibiting processes in the course of cancer,
  • alpha-lipoic acid, vitamins A and E – the most powerful antioxidants,
  • a large portion of vitamin B1 – important in reducing the intensity of cachexia processes,
  • a mixture of digestive enzymes – supporting proper digestive processes.


  • supplementing the diet of animals diagnosed with cancer or after a previous disease,
  • supporting individuals in terminal stages of incurable diseases,
  • supplementing the diet in older animals and breeds predisposed to cancer.

PREMIUM NTS Immunactiv

SKU: X/VF/120

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