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UROforce is a product whose precisely selected ingredients regulate and support the functions of the urinary system, especially in diseases of the lower urinary tract and in animals with chronic renal failure.

UROforce includes:

Calcium – helps regulate calcium to phosphorus ratio in body, often disturbed in individuals with chronic renal failure, due to limited ability to remove phosphorus from the body.

Vitamin D – supplements its possible deficiency in the body. Individuals with chronic kidney disease are often diagnosed with a deficiency of the active form of vitamin D.

Potassium – has a positive effect on the electrolyte balance.

Rheum palmatum – has a positive effect on reducing the number of sclerotic changes in the glomeruli, which helps to slow down the progression of kidney problems. In addition, it supports and stabilizes serum creatinine, supports protein-limiting processes and helps maintain stable body weight.

Cranberry – hinders colonization of the bladder by bacteria that cause chronic urinary tract infections.

Chondroitin – is part of the bladder mucosa. Chondroitin supplementation significantly improves its tightness.

Vitamin B6 – increases the body’s immunity, alleviates the side effects of drugs used in the treatment of urinary tract diseases, helps reduce the excretion of oxalic acid in the urine, and reduces the risk of oxalate stones in the bladder.

Vitamin C – moderately acidifies urine, which reduces the risk of bladder bacterial infections.


  • supporting the proper functioning of the urinary system in animals with chronic renal failure and diseases of the lower urinary tract,
  • support to individuals with recurrent bladder infections.


SKU: X/VF/74

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